Exciting new Little Rangers activities

There’s no better way for kids to learn about the world around them than by getting out into it.

Bug catching

An adventure in search of bugs, butterflies and insects. Collect them in a special bug box and learn more about these creepy crawlies.

Price R140.00


Explore the wetlands at Falaza in search of frogs. Much of the fun of frogging (aside from looking for the frogs of course!) is learning more about the creatures found.

Price R140.00

Foot print and fossil moulding

Hunt for amazing animal footprints or mysterious fossils. Create unique moulds to take home.

Price R140.00

Pet rock painting

Spending time outside painting rocks and leaves in various shapes and sizes. Using nature as inspiration, paint the rocks as a favourite animal.

Price R140

Kids pamper time

Pedicure or Manicure

Mini Bunny Paws Pedicure or manicure (1 hour) R155 per person

Nail Art

ADD nail art to your mani or pedi (1 hour) R95 per person

Jellispa Kids Pedicure

Jellispa Kids Pedicure (45 minutes) R170 per person

Hair Beads & Braiding

Hair beads and braiding (1 hour) R280 per person

Plus Nightly

After dinner bush tales and star gazing around the fire