Majestic Tower of Giraffe

Last week had a couple of guests with me on a Sunny Falaza afternoon drive, they were very friendly guests visiting us from Durban. As we were driving through the reserve, we came across a very special and unusual sighting with a Leopard on an impala kill in a spectacular close view to the trail.

After having a sighting that was hard to beat, we drove on further where we soon found a tower of Giraffe resting in the Shade of the picnic site. We pulled up close and set up to have our Snacks and good icy drink, having the giraffe so close really gives you the appreciation of how majestic giraffe actually are. As we packed up and finding our way back to the lodge another rare sighting flew into a nearby branch a Perfectly handsome Narina Trogan, a birders delight.

For a hot sunny afternoon these sightings were golden, giving light to the beautiful diversity Falaza Game Park has to offer.

Written by : Ranger Jeffery