Magnificent Hluhluwe | Imfolozi Game Reserve

After another day spend in the Magnificent Hluhluwe – Imfolozi Game reserve just as we were coming up to the end of our 3 hour game drive we had some amazing sightings of zebra, giraffe, Nyala and rhino. As we drove out of Maphumulo road to our left towards the gate we then spotted an elephant bull. There was one game viewer in front of us full of guests also eager for the sighting. As we stopped a couple of metres away from the bull on our left I noticed his temporal glands were wet meaning he was on musth so I did not want to get too close. What if he got agitated with us being so close he could just squish the car in to a pancake? The elephant was enjoying eating the green grass, shrubs and branches very calmly then all of a sudden he started moving towards the game viewer in front of me. My thoughts were “do not panic” and that’s what the driver did, staying still and calm he did not move the vehicle. As the elephant got closer and closer to the car I started to cringe inside just imagining what could happen. The elephant was standing in front of the vehicle resting his tusks on the bonnet of the vehicle I thought the worst, after a few minutes of the elephant standing there he gallivanted off towards the trees with a slight swagger in his step like he was just showing off his big tuskers.This truly was a great experience for myself and my guests, a memory we will have of the Mightiest and strong but soft hearted African Bush Elephant.

Written by: Brice Robinson