Amazing Leopard Experience

On my recent stay at Falaza Game Park, I had an amazing experience on my Saturday afternoon game drive. The guide was brilliant and directed us perfectly where we got to see most of the animals – Buffalos, Wildebeest, Red Duiker, Zebras, Nyala, Springboks, what we didn’t plan to see was a leopard hidden in the bushes waiting for us to pass so he could go back to eating the Nyala (that was lying a few meters away). Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to take a picture! We would have certainly missed this fortunate siting if it wasn’t for the expertise of the guide who noticed the foot prints of the leopard leading in the same direction as the dead Nyala we passed earlier! It was an incredible experience to top off an amazing weekend stay at the lodge. The staff were brilliant as well as the amazing massages that was included in the package. A memorable weekend indeed!

Written by: Sholain Perumal